Empowered Leadership: Divine Feminine

October 3 – 6, 2013 at Earthrise @ IONS (Petaluma, CA)

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The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein

How often have you felt the clear calling of a tremendous contribution to the world, only to have its creative whispers return to silence due to the demands of daily life?

How well do you steward your “great leap of the heart and mind” through social critique and self-doubt as you guide your vision to reality?

How do you “stay the course” during implementation — maintaining the essential balance of open awareness, reflection in stillness and wise action?


The empowerment of the Divine Feminine — within both men and women — is an anchor and cornerstone of a more empowered, and life-affirming future for all beings.  While historically linked to religious traditions, the Divine Feminine is beyond any tradition or belief.  It is a cosmic principle which opens the doorway to infinite creative potential.  Now is the time to bring the Divine Feminine, whose roots and potential lie within each of us, to serve the greater good through one’s heartfelt expression.
In our gathering, we will:

  • Understand & experience the Divine Feminine as a powerful and tangible force for change in today’s world;
  • Recognize the archetypal constraints placed upon the planetary and personal Feminine, how these have affected our personal and collective life, and develop personal strategies to counteract remnants of old ways of being/thinking;
  • Awaken and seed your “great leap of the heart and mind” AND energize immediate, new awareness and action;
  • Develop strategies and practices to stay the course and keep your vision for change/creative vision alive and growing, during this important time in human civilization.

Supported and expanded by our connections to both Earth and Cosmos, our days will be spent in group discussion, meditation, guided solo time in nature, and active awareness of next steps.
This gathering of passionate and inquisitive women and men is for you if:

  • you know that NOW is the time to take the next step in awakening and expanding your power, wisdom, and creativity;
  • you seek a shift from the dominant paradigm of leadership models to a heart-centered,  expansive model of leadership to support your vision of change;
  • you would like the support from a community of like-minded individuals.



Anandasatar Head 400x600px-1 Anandasatara is a multi-dimensional master teacher who radiates a Light of awakening, insight, and liberation from the centerplace of All-that-Is.  She is a guide and way-shower in reflection of the Divine Feminine, offering pathways and wisdom to receive the birthright of destiny path and Soul awakening.  She is wholly dedicated to supporting Earth through its profound energetic and physical transition (2012-2036).  Anandasatara invites all beings to pass through the luminous gateways of their soul path to joy, freedom, and vast potential.   She received her doctorate from Oxford University in 2002 and was a Rhodes Scholar.   For over 15 years, Anandasatara travelled to sacred sites and energy nodes across six continents. As a scientist and social scholar, she has published internationally on “nature, power, and knowledge.”  Additionally, she was a CFO and owned a wholesale business for eleven years. She is a long-time student of wilderness, movement, and sustainable system design. Anandasatara also brings her passion for light to healing art (Sacred Light Photography).  She resides in the San Francisco Bay area.  www.anandasatara.org and www.SacredLightPhotography.com


Beverly head edited 4x5 websiteBeverly Winterscheid, Ph.D. is the Founding Partner of the Center for Nature & Leadership, and the Leadership Professor in the Marlboro MBA in Managing for Sustainability.  She has a Ph.D. in Strategic Management, has done post-doctoral work in ecopsychology, and has held a variety of corporate and academic positions in the US and Europe.  She cares deeply about creating new responses to stewardship of self, organization and place resulting in shifts of awareness and action. At the Center for Nature and Leadership, she provides nature-based and traditional leadership development for women in early and encore careers seeking to be change agents for a better world.  She was a founding Board member of the Sustainable Business Network of Washington DC, a member of the Corporate Development Task Force of the Cleveland World Trade Center and is currently on the Board of Sheep Mountain Alliance, an environmental organization in Telluride, Colorado. When she’s not inviting authentic leadership in the clients and students she works with, you’ll find her in the Colorado backcountry in all seasons or sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. She splits her time between Washington, DC and Telluride, Colorado.



Register BEFORE July 31: $777.  Register AFTER July 31: $877.  Includes three nights lodging, meals, and workshop fees.



Our gathering will be hosted at the EarthRise retreat center, perched atop a ridge in the rolling hills of Sonoma county, California, a short distance from San Francisco.  Wide skies, oak-filled valleys, and coastal winds are our natural partners in beauty and seeing deeply into ourselves and our world.  Lodging is double, simple rooms, with an outdoor hot tub for all to share.  Meals are local, organic cuisine with vegetarian/vegan options.



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