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CNL has illustrated for me a way of bringing deep commitment and passion into the world of work. I’ve been afraid to “bring it,” wanting to be an intellectual expert before tackling something new. Now I do. That’s been hugely influential to me. Thank you.
Solo Time Kevin Beth

Nature-based Fridays: The Value of Solo Time in Nature

Did you ever stop to consider how solo time in nature serves more than just you? At this time on the planet, the human species is being required to come back in harmony & balance with all of Life. John P. Milton, one of my teachers and a member of the Center for Nature and Leadership’s fearless visionaries shares his years of experience leading people on vision quests, and sacred passages in this short video.

Spring Change

What Spring Can Teach Us About Change

It’s Tax Day! Hopefully, you’re done. What will you do with all of that extra time and energy, now that …

Facing Fear Alligator

Nature-based Fridays: Facing Fear

Alligators and leadership? Seriously? Yes and here’s why! Nature is not always cute puppies and blooming cherry blossoms. It can be harsh, decisive and final. This is why the natural world is our first and best mentor.


Nature-based Fridays: Nature as Mirror

What is nature mirroring back to you? Use this week’s #naturebasedfriday practice to discover a new or hidden aspect of yourself that gives you greater understanding or personal strength.

Change Perspective

5 TED Talks To Change Your Leadership Perspective

Regularly changing your perspective helps you prepare for the unknown possibilities of tomorrow. Each day our mental models dictate our perception of what’s possible and shape our current reality. Shake things up and view your challenge or situation from a different vantage point.