Unleash your creative genius to make a personal
difference in the world.


  • Quiz: Living The Change You Want To See In The World
  • Workbook: Envisioning Your Ideal Life
  • Audit: Personal Sustainability

CNL has illustrated for me a way of bringing deep commitment and passion into the world of work. I’ve been afraid to “bring it,” wanting to be an intellectual expert before tackling something new. Now I do. That’s been hugely influential to me. Thank you.
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The Details of Adding Value

Being of value doesn’t look like glitz and glamour and sparkling finish lines all the time. It looks more like self-discipline. Even in a new job where I’m having impact in my community, I sometimes feel like I’m still pushing meaningless paper around. But each day, the value I create accumulates and adds up to success.

Natural History Frog Lilypad

10 Questions You Probably Can’t Answer About Home

This week’s quiz will reveal how good you are at shifting your perspective from “ME” to “WE”. Greater awareness of the natural history and communities around you creates a spill-over effect, heightening your sensitivity to the human groups you live and work with.

Clearing Of Your Life

What Happens When You Thin The Forest of Your Life

I can tell you it doesn’t feel like I’ve been given “the song that is mine alone to sing.” What has fallen into my cupped hands feels more like a ziplock bag of puzzle pieces from a garage sale, where each piece is a big question in the universe.

Matrix Of Place E1405628516276

The Matrix Of Place Quiz

How much DON’T you know about the place you call home? Do you know about the dynamics of this larger system around you? Most of us are ignorant of this matrix. But it is the biggest interactive game there is. Test your knowledge with this week’s Matrix of Place Quiz!

Ted Talks Summer

5 TED Talks To Jump Start Your Summer

Are you making your way through your Summer reading list? Switch it up and get a boost of creativity and inspiration by watching one of these thought provoking TED Talks.

Dandelion Change

Changing Yourself, Changing The World

You’ve probably heard this before, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” I want a …

Deep Roots

How Deep Are Your Roots?

The Banyan reminds us that we are only as strong as our root system. Do any of your roots feel …