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CNL has illustrated for me a way of bringing deep commitment and passion into the world of work. I’ve been afraid to “bring it,” wanting to be an intellectual expert before tackling something new. Now I do. That’s been hugely influential to me. Thank you.
Reading Nature

5 Books To Connect You To Nature

Nature is our first and greatest mentor. It’s magnificence reminds us of our place in the natural order — helping us to think and act in ever-widening circles, considering the impact of our decisions on the more-than-human world. These five books highlight the important role nature plays in understanding ourselves, our role in the world and in providing solutions to the complex challenges of our time.

Forbidden Fruit Eve

The Apple Your Doctor Doesn’t Want You To Eat

When Eve took a bite of the apple, was she being a heroine or a villainess? The gods of our time, the pharmaceutical companies and the spirituality marketplace, are tempting us back into the garden of Eden — a sanitized and prozac-balanced version of the world that keeps us out of contact with one another. It’s time to start finding the point of contact between the paradoxes in our own lives.

Chris Arizona

Finding Your Anchors

As humans, we have the need to hold tight control over our lives. We expertly craft our lives like a curator in a museum. We carefully select each piece and spend countless hours contemplating their placement in the museum of our lives. It isn’t surprising then, that letting go of these expressions of life proves to be challenging. But what if we have to anchor ourselves, before we surrender to the sea?

Flush Bioregional Quiz

What Happens When You Flush?

Where does your water come from? When you flush, where do the solids go? What happens to the waste water? Find out how much you know about your human impact on the larger systems around you with this week’s bioregional quiz.

Stack Of Papers E1406653156746

The Details of Adding Value

Being of value doesn’t look like glitz and glamour and sparkling finish lines all the time. It looks more like self-discipline. Even in a new job where I’m having impact in my community, I sometimes feel like I’m still pushing meaningless paper around. But each day, the value I create accumulates and adds up to success.

Natural History Frog Lilypad

10 Questions You Probably Can’t Answer About Home

This week’s quiz will reveal how good you are at shifting your perspective from “ME” to “WE”. Greater awareness of the natural history and communities around you creates a spill-over effect, heightening your sensitivity to the human groups you live and work with.

Clearing Of Your Life

What Happens When You Thin The Forest of Your Life

The Heroine’s Paradox is a new blog series by Generative Council member and Bitch Media Board Member, Kendall Youngblood. Each …